A visit to Southwell Minster with Sherwood's Marian BFL.

As the fantastic Olive Knits is in the process of designing a cardigan named Southwell Minster, in Sherwood’s lovely Marian BFL, I thought it apt to make a visit and tell a little of its rich history.

Southwell Minster is a grand and distinctive landmark in the picturesque town of Southwell, (Minster means the main church of a district). The Minster is around 900 years old and is built over earlier Roman buildings. On the day of our visit the choir could be heard, a daily event for the entire lifetime of the Minster, pretty good effort I think!

Adjacent to Southwell Minster is the Archbishops Palace, with a very, very impressive state room. This is a hairs up on the back of the neck type of place. Visitors ranging from Richard the 1st (Lionheart) King John (boo) and Charles I (Held here before being taken to London to meet a sticky end). Cardinal Wolsey also got into the bad books with Henry VIII by failing to secure a divorce from one of his many wives.


There is also a lovely old fashioned sweet shop which the kids loved spending time in. It was great to take Marian to the Minster and amble around the old town, so all in all a very pleasant afternoon out. An inspired choice and I can’t wait to see the foundations of the new Minster going up!

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    Ruth (Thursday, 07 April 2016 14:26)

    Ah, this makes me want to tour England once more.

  • #2

    M.E. Greene (Thursday, 07 April 2016 14:37)

    So thrilled you were able to stop over for a visit to Southwell and share your lovely photos! I can't wait to show you what I'm working up with the gorgeous Marian BFL Sock.

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    Rachael (Friday, 08 April 2016 00:04)

    Hi Ruth, I'm glad the photographs have made you want to visit again!

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    Rachael (Friday, 08 April 2016 00:06)

    Thank you Marie, I am really excited about this collaboration!