Crochet collaboration with Julie Blagojevich

I would like to announce an exciting new collaboration, this one is for all you crochet fans out there. Julie Blagojevich is a fantastic crochet designer, from Nashville, Tennessee. She designs beautiful shawls and wraps, these can be found on Ravelry. Julie will be working with sherwood yarns, soft and squishy, Falkland fine merino laceweight and she has chosen the majestic colourway, Greendale.

Greendale is a wonderful colour and I can't wait to see what Julie creates with it, I am so excited! My hook is poised at the ready......

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    Ruth (Sunday, 17 April 2016 10:01)

    What a lovely invitation to this welcoming site!
    My eleven year old grand'niece has already selected all the Greendale, Marian and Bramley apple shades as her favourites, so I already know what's next, sooner or later. She also instructed me about who is Marian.

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    Rachael (Sunday, 17 April 2016 23:46)

    Hi Ruth,
    Your grandniece has very good taste, Marian is a very popular colour! I hope she enjoyed her tour around sherwood with you?