Greyfriars Tutorial

Greyfriars is a gorgeous triangular shaped shawl that features a V-shaped stitch to give a beautiful texture. The first part of the stitch on Row 4 (wyif sl3 sts) involves bringing your yarn to the front of the work and slipping three stitches from the left hand needle onto the right hand needle. The yarn is then taken to the back of the work and the following stitch is knitted. You will end up with the yarn in front of the 3 slipped stitches.

In Row 6 (Lst) you will lift up the loop from row 4 by bringing the right hand needle under the loop and knitting it with the next stitch on the left hand needle, slipping both stitches off the needle. This forms a nifty V-shape with the yarn from row 4.

I have included a video tutorial of these instructions. Enjoy!


Greyfriars Kits and pattern only options are available - if you don't see your favourite Sherwood Yarn colourway then please message us and we will dye it up for you!

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